Compuscan Philippines had its accreditation as a Special Accessing Entity (“SAE”) to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC), Compuscan is fully developed in establishing successful credit referencing businesses in different emerging markets such as the Philippines.

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Compuscan was established in 1994 and developed systems to meet the need for consumer credit information across micro-loan lenders and has now evolved providing advanced credit management products and services supported by our major shareholder Actis which is London based leading investor in growth markets with a growing portfolio of investments across Asia, Africa and Latin America – now exceeding USD $7 Billion, has a stated growth objective to expand internationally into developing credit-active markets. In keeping with this strategy in 2015 Compuscan expanded its operations and opened its doors in Manila, Philippines. The group also registered and set out to establish a credit bureau in Australia. In the same year, Compuscan was awarded a $1 million grant to establish and grow an agricultural and rural database and improve financial inclusion in Uganda, potentially changing the lives of an estimated 135,000 people.

In the Philippines, in order to ensure the success of newly established international businesses Compuscan requires relevant systems, technology, skills and innovation – together with shareholders that possess both the financial capacity and vision to continue measured organic and inorganic expansion. Compuscan is fully supported for the ambition required for international expansion into developing markets further removed from more familiar territories in Africa. This has manifested itself in the newly established businesses in both the Philippines and Australia.

Given the enviable track record spanning more than 20 years in developing markets, Compuscan will bring crucial insight and capability in the Philippines. In direct support of this, Compuscan is customizing the internationally proven credit bureau systems together with products and services tailored for the Philippines market.

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